We want to work with you! Applying for funds through Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation can be an excellent way to secure funding for much-needed projects and programs in Metro Vancouver’s regional parks. Grants can be used to support a wide range of initiatives, including trail maintenance, habitat restoration, visitor education programs, and more.

When applying for funds, it’s essential to be clear and specific about the proposed project or program’s goals and how the funding will be used. It’s also important to demonstrate the regional park’s need for the proposed work and how it will benefit visitors to the park. Finally, successful grant applications often include a well-thought-out budget and a plan for sustainability, ensuring that the project will continue to thrive long after the grant funds have been expended.

Funding Inquiries

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Please include details such as objectives, how the project or program will benefit the regional park or greenway, individuals involved, how you plan to spend the funds, proposed start date, end date, etc.