The George Ross Legacy Stewardship Program is a funding program created to help support hands‐on citizen stewardship activities by park partners in Metro Vancouver regional parks and greenways. The Program is funded by the interest from an endowment created from the generous $2.8 million bequest from Mr. George Ross, who loved trees and parks. This program is administered by the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation.

Applicants can include community groups, elementary school groups, university students, ad hoc groups, as well as regional park partner organizations with current agreements with Metro Vancouver, and non-profit societies and incorporated and unincorporated community groups that are active in Metro Vancouver regional parks and greenways.

For any unregistered organizations, at least three applicants 19 years or older are required per project application. All three applicants are equally responsible for managing the project and the project money.

For unincorporated and incorporated regional park partners, including all park associations. Medium Projects must be completed within 1 year of the award. Before completing the application, all Medium Project proposals must be pre-screened by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks staff.

For incorporated regional park partners, as well as all park associations. We are now accepting applications for two years of funding – a maximum of $10,000 per year for a total project funding of $20,000. Large Projects must be completed with 2 years of the year funds are received. Before completing the application, all Large Project proposals must be pre-screened by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks staff.

What Projects are Eligible?

  • Must occur in a Metro Vancouver regional park or greenway
  • Must be a stewardship activity that contributes to the improvement of the region’s ecological health through protecting, enhancing, or restoring natural resources, thus benefitting the regional park or greenway
  • Must be a one-off activity with a start and finish
  • If the activity is an event, it must be one-off and stewardship-focused or a component of a project
  • Applicants must contribute volunteers to the project
  • Applicants are not required to have additional funding sources for the project
  • Each group can only apply for a George Ross Legacy Stewardship Program project once per calendar year
  • Contracted equipment or special expertise required in the field (i.e. biologist, restoration specialist, equipment operator) – service fee or honorarium
  • Supplies for stewardship-related events: specialized equipment, refreshments, gloves, eye protection, ponchos
  • Purchase of native plants, mulch, soil
  • Materials for stewardship projects such as wire for beaver control, materials for bird house or nesting platforms, bat boxes
  • Rental of bins for invasive species disposal, hauling of woody debris
  • Materials for follow-up monitoring of the project
  • For Large Projects only: Administration/project management expenses, including staff wages, to a maximum of 10% of funds awarded through this program
  • Research projects intended for scientific purposes only
  • Ongoing activities or programs
  • Compensation for applicants’ or volunteers’ time or personal expenses
  • Retroactive funding for completed projects
  • Planning studies
  • For Medium Projects only: Administration / project management expenses, including staff wages

How to Apply

Contact the Community Development Coordinator in your Area with a brief letter of inquiry that provides the following information:

  • Name of your organization
  • Funding category you’re applying for, and amount of your request
  • The regional park or greenway in which the project will occur, and the specific location
  • The nature and scope of the work you plan to achieve, and how it will benefit the site

The Community Development Coordinators are happy to answer your questions or provide more information. To determine which area your project will be located in please see the PDF Metro Vancouver Area Distribution of Sites below.

Jennifer Swanston
Email Jennifer
Tel: 604.224.5739

Trina Sakata
Email Trina
Tel: 604.520.6442

Jeff Rotin
Email Jeff
Tel: 604.530.4983

Project Deadlines

There will be two application cycles in 2023, in the spring and fall, for both Large and Medium Projects. Large Projects must be completed within 2 years of award. Medium Projects must be completed within 1 year of award.

Friday March 8, 2024: Deadline for letters of inquiry
Friday April 12, 2024 Deadline for applications
June 2024: Applicants will be notified

Friday, September 6, 2024: Deadline for letters of inquiry
Friday, October 11, 2024: Deadline for applications
December 2023: Applicants will be notified


Successful applicants will be expected to submit a final report, including an expense report with receipts proving the expenditure of the total funds. You can find the report template below.

All advertising, communication, and promotional material for your project should acknowledge the contribution of MVRP Foundation and Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.


We welcome your feedback on the project program or the application process. Please contact Jeff Rotin with any comments.

Jeff Rotin 604.530.4983