Led by an independent board of directors, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation (previously known as Pacific Parklands Foundation) is the only registered charity dedicated to supporting Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.

With the number of park visitors rapidly rising, we work to fill the gaps in public funding to ensure our parks remain spectacular. Through unique programs and funding opportunities, we connect people with the resources they need to complete inspiring conservation, education and enhancement projects which help Metro Vancouver Regional Parks be the best they can be.

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation supports special projects and partner groups in enhancing and expanding our parks system. We also support youth groups like CTS Youth Society whose programs explore environmental stewardship and leadership, inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.

Whether it’s connecting a donor with a perfect spot for a commemorative bench, or a young person with their first ever camping adventure, we work to create meaningful park experiences that change lives.

Through a unique partnership with Metro Vancouver, our operating and administrative costs are minimized, maximizing the impact of each donation we receive. Each gift you give helps enhance and protect our regional parks and connect people with nature for now, and for the future.

Our Story

Beginning in 2000 under the name of Pacific Parklands Foundation , we have had a long history of protecting parklands and nurturing nature to achieve our mission. With millions of visitors depending on the regional parks each year, we recognize the need to protect them now and for future generations. Today, our passionate team of board members, staff and volunteers are putting all hands on deck to make our regional parks the best they can be.

In 2000, a small group of people passionate about protecting our green space for future generations, created Pacific Parklands Foundation, 22 years later the name was changed to the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation to better reflect our mission and our unique partnerships with Metro Vancouver.

Since the first donation from Morris Wosk and his son Mordehai Wosk in 2001, the foundation has contributed significant funding to projects throughout the regional park system and has created a track record of success.

As the only registered charity with an exclusive focus on regional parks, we are able to work with Metro Vancouver to identify the projects and programs with the highest possible impact for people and nature.

MVRP Foundation will continue to work and strategize with Metro Vancouver, its park partners and donors to ensure a long and healthy future for our regional parks and our communities.

“What people give their time and money to is an indication of what is important to them.”

– Rich Hankin, Past Director

What We Do

Welcoming people, improving parks and nurturing nature; it’s what we do. Parks offer natural spaces for outdoor learning and inspirational experiences. We strive to increase access to parks, benefiting the mental and physical health of the people who make up our community. From forests and wetlands to beaches and bogs, visitors are able to experience a diversity of landscapes. We support projects that connect people to nature while protecting sensitive ecosystems and wildlife.

Our Impact

With over twenty years of park projects under our belts, we’re proud to share the stories, photos and stats that demonstrate the difference we’re able to make in the regional park system.

How You Can Help

You can shape the places and spaces where you live, work, and play. From funding park projects and programs through donations, to grabbing a shovel and bringing those projects to fruition, you can leave a legacy within your community that is felt forever.