Dr M. Wosk Environmental Leadership Award

The Dr. M. Wosk Environmental Leadership Award was established by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation for the development of youth leadership in 2006. The leadership fund is used to engage, train and empower today’s youth (age 15-19) with the skills necessary for the future sustainability of our spectacular regional parks.

Participants will have training in ecological issues and environmental preservation as well as the organizational and communication skills necessary to make a profound difference. The impact of their work will be felt by all as they grow to become the leaders of the future.

“With one inspired leader, there is the potential of attracting a thousand or more participants. Without those exceptional leaders, thousands of people may never get involved.”

Dr. Mordehai Wosk

The Dr. M. Wosk awards are open to students and individuals in the Metro Vancouver regional parks area. The value of each award ranges from $250 to $1,000 annually.

All applications and nominations are reviewed by the Foundation’s Environmental Leadership Selection Committee and they determine the number of recipients and the value of each of the awards presented annually.

2023 Dr. M. Wosk Environmental Leadership applications are now closed.

Gordon Smith Youth Environmental Stewardship Award

To inspire others to follow his path, his friends, family and colleagues at Metro Vancouver Regional Parks initiated the “Gordon Smith Youth Environmental Stewardship Award.” This endowment fund provides an annual award to youth for their contribution to hands-on conservation in the region. Supported by private donors, the fund is administered through Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation.

Gordon Smith was dedicated to serving people and the environment and was one of the finest people many of us ever met. He was passionate about stream and wetland stewardship and very active in conservation projects in Aldergrove and Delta.

Young people, aged 12-18, living in the Metro Vancouver Region who demonstrate passion and involvement in environmental conservation and stewardship may be nominated for this award. Those of us who knew Gordon or had the opportunity to work with him are content in the knowledge that he would be pleased to see his passion and inspiration being passed on to the youth of the Region through this award.

Each year nominations are invited for the Gordon Smith Youth Environmental Stewardship Award, which provides a bursary for youth age 12-18 who have contributed to environmental stewardship through their volunteer efforts. The recipients demonstrate leadership in conservation and inspire other young people to get involved in environmental work. Two letters of reference/support should be submitted along with a completed nomination form.

2023 Gordon Smith YES Award nominations are now closed.

2022 Gordon Smith YES Award Winner

Anna Huber

Anna Huber’s passion and involvement in environmental conservation and stewardship demonstrate the spirit of the Gordon Smith Young Environmental Steward award. She earned the 2022 prize for her hard work and commitment to improving ecosystems and the environment through numerous volunteer undertakings.⁠

Anna, from Thomas Haney Secondary School was nominated by her teacher, Carla van der Pauw, for her work as a role model for her fellow students. “Anna inspires others through the initiatives that she is involved with. She is always willing to have conversations with peers and adults about climate issues and has positively inspired students in our school to do community clean ups, shoreline clean ups and to learn more about their personal impact on the environment during their day to day lives.”⁠

⁠At school, Anna’s work extends well beyond achieving academic success. She inspires her community and acts as a peer leader, helping organize a climate-focused book club, and presented to school faculty, raising awareness on climate issues and encouraging staff and students to get involved in environmental stewardship projects in the community.⁠

Anna’s not stopping her work as a Young Environmental Steward after she graduates. She plans to use her $1000 award to help fund her studies in Environmental Sciences, where she will continue her work for climate justice, equity and sustainability.⁠

2021: Berntina Hambly
2020: Brandon Munday, Patrick Beattie
2019: Jason Pang, Griffin Andersen
2018: Graeme Chung, Brennan Strandberg-Salmon
2017: Miranda Andersen
2016: Denise Lee
2015: Michele Walter
2014: Soohyun Kim
2013: Saskia Vaisey

2012: Cynthia Bhourji and Miranda Wang
2011: Edward Ngai, Madeleine Barois and Lauren Wright
2010: Blair Moro
2009: Annie Hsu
2008: Angie Ramey
2007: Corey Bunnell
2006: Greg von Euw
2005: Yan Zhao
2004: Naomi Bollman