Show your love for regional parks by giving directly back to them via Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation.

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Do you love walking the forested trails of Pacific Spirit Regional Park, bird watching beside the still blue waters of Burnaby Lake, or observing salmon jumping upstream to spawn at Kanaka Creek? With a gift in your will to MVRP Foundation, you can help ensure that our regional parks are preserved and protected for future generations.

Receive a tax receipt for any donation over $25. Donate now, online, by phone or by cheque.

Make a Legacy Gift

Choosing what legacy you want to leave is a unique opportunity for you to express your values and to make a significant mark upon the future.

Moreover, legacy gifts have the added benefit of reducing income tax during your lifetime or through your estate.

One of the simplest ways to create a powerful legacy is through a bequest in your will to Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation.

Remember & Celebrate Someone

A beautiful way to remember a special person in your life is by giving a gift that supports our greatest treasure, nature.

Use your gift to honour a birthday, holiday, or special event, or give in memory of someone who has passed.

If you’d like to organize a larger tribute, please reach out to our team directly 778-900-1053, or email We can help find a preferred project to direct your donation to, connect you with a commemorative bench, or find a special way to pay tribute to someone special. 


Donate online now through our secure form.

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Become a MVRP Foundation monthly donor, and invest in the future of our treasured regional parks. Your monthly gift provides us with a consistent source of funding that enables us to plan ahead and support the conservation needs of our regional parks. No matter the size, your monthly donation will make a huge difference.

Sign up online today or if you prefer, contact our team at (778) 900-1053 or for more information.


The Foundation works with six park associations that support our efforts in a variety of ways, proving time and time again that they are a key pillar to our success in the regional parks system, increasing the impact of every dollar we raise. Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation works with Park Partners on many projects and programs each year. Donations to Park Partner’s fundraising pages support this cooperative work to: 

  • Protect and preserve important wildlife habitats ;
  • Enhance and grow park facilities and infrastructure;
  • Inspire youth to connect with nature;
  • Build a strong future for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. 


By including a gift in your will to the MVRP Foundation you will be creating a lasting legacy for our region. You can designate your gift for a specific project or purpose, allowing you to play a significant role in funding important projects. Your estate will receive a donation receipt for the value of your gift, which can significantly reduce taxes owning on your final tax return.

Contact our team at (778) 900-1053 or for more information.


You can help our regional parks and enjoy significant tax savings by donating appreciated stocks, shares, bonds or mutual funds. In order to maximize your tax savings, donate publicly traded securities directly to MVRP Foundation rather than selling the same securities and donating the cash proceeds. You can donate both electronic and certificate shares, or gifts of publicly traded options. You’ll receive a donation receipt for the value of your gifts immediately.


Gifts in Kind

We gratefully accept gifts in kind that can be used within the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. These might include real estate, equipment, artifacts and other tangible items. If you have a gift in kind you’d like to donate, please call or email us to find out more about this program.

Gifts of Ecologically Sensitive Land

Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program provides a way for Canadians with ecologically sensitive land to protect nature and leave a legacy for future generations. It offers significant tax benefits to landowners who donate land or a partial interest in land to qualified recipient organizations, including MVRP Foundation. Visit the Government of Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program webpage here and download a PDF Handbook on Ecological Gifts to learn more.

Future Interest in Real Estate

If you give MVRP Foundation a future interest in real estate that you own, you can continue to own and enjoy your property as you always have for a specific period or for the rest of your life. Upon your passing or at the end of the agreed-upon period, the Foundation automatically becomes full owner of the property.

Life Insurance

Are you at a stage in your life where you don’t need all the life insurance you bought when you were raising a family or had other significant costs to cover? You could consider putting the extra life insurance to work for the MVRP Foundation. You can transfer ownership and beneficiary status of an existing or new life insurance policy and choose which regional park or project your gift will support and you’ll receive a tax receipt equal to the cash surrender value of the policy and the premiums.

Charitable Remainder Trusts and RRSP/RRIF Funds

We will be happy to help you work out the details of any type of donation, including a charitable remainder trust. You can apply your tax receipt against current and future income and you’ll continue to receive the income earned by the capital during your lifetime. Or, designate the MVRP Foundation as the direct beneficiary on an RRSP or RRIF form for an easy deferred gift with many benefits.


When you purchase a charitable insured annuity, a portion of your annuity income will be used to fund an insurance policy with MVRP Foundation as its named owner and beneficiary. With a charitable gift annuity, a portion of your gift is used to purchase an annuity for you while the rest goes directly to MVRP Foundation as a gift.


Do you want to help the environment? If you have a few hours, a few days or perhaps a few weeks to spare, there are many things that you can do to help take care of Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Visit Metro Vancouver Regional Park’s volunteer page to find out all the ways you can roll up your sleeves and get involved today. Keep an eye on our social media and check back here for current volunteer opportunities directly with our MVRP Foundation’s team.