Regional Parks Snap & Share, October 1-31, 2023

1. Go to or download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone and set up an account.

2. Take photos in any Metro Vancouver regional park or greenway from October 1st-31st and upload them to iNaturalist.

This fall, explore Metro Vancouver’s regional parks and greenways. Pay attention to plants, fungi, mosses, and wildlife you haven’t noticed before. Then simply snap photos of what you discover and share your photos on iNaturalist.

iNaturalist is a great way to build your nature knowledge and get feedback on your observations. What’s more, you’ll be joining a global community of citizen scientists and contributing to biodiversity science.

It’s a fun outdoor activity for everyone, on your own or with your family.


  • All registered participants will be entered into 3 draws for a $100 gift certificate to Book Warehouse.
  • Winners: “betty95811” “ascowan” and “lyndapat”
  • Individual with the most observations will receive a $150 gift certificate to Book Warehouse.
  • Winner: “drclements”
  • Individual with the most species observed will receive a $150 gift certificate to Book Warehouse.
  • Winner: “cirlbunting”

NOTE: If an individual has both the most observations and most species observed, they will only receive a gift certificate for most observations. The individual with the second most species observed will receive the other gift certificate.

You can check out the Regional Parks Snap & Share project page on iNaturalist to see what others have been observing and view the leaderboard.

Please take photos safely. Don’t approach wildlife, stay on trails, and don’t pick or remove anything.

Thanks for another great year! Registration for 2023 is now closed.

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