Our volunteer Board of Directors are the driving force behind the Foundation. Their love of the regional parks is reflected in their energy, dedication and expertise on the board.

Learn more about the people behind Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation.

Our Leadership

Sarah Marsh


Mark van der Zalm


“Our regional parks are the crown jewel for what makes BC a special place to live and visit. Once you have immersed yourself in our wild and natural areas, the spirit of place will resonate.”

Kevin O’Callaghan


“The importance of wilderness to the health of our community and the maintenance of Canadian culture, is why I feel that it is critical we should give to and support regional parks.”

Lindsey Fryett Jerke


Lindsey practices urban planning and landscape architecture in British Columbia and beyond.  Her experience covers all scales, from establishing long-term, city-wide visions in the form of Official Community Plans to the detailed design and contract administration of public spaces.  Lindsey believes that our regional park and open space systems are vital to maintaining a healthy built environment in the Lower Mainland.

Terri Van Sleuwen


“As a born and raised British Columbian, I cherish the green spaces that we have in our province that are so easily accessible, especially those that are close to the urban areas that some of us live in. I am honoured to be part of the Pacific Parklands Foundation helping to enhance and protect our regional parks into the future.”

Board of Directors

Eleanor O’Connor


Adam Heffey


“No one can sing who has smog in their throat.” – the Lorax

Liyang Wan


Liyang is an urban planner based in the Lower Mainland. With an interest in ecology, landscapes, and community building, regional parks matter to Liyang because accessing nature, green spaces, and wildlife has made her realize that we are all part of a whole. Our surrounding natural environments take care of us in many ways, and we should do the same in return.

Mike Jerowsky


Mike Jerowsky is a PhD Candidate and researcher in the UBC Geography Department. He works with local communities and land managers to create open-source environmental education materials using virtual and augmented reality. His MA was also in Geography and focussed on barriers to co-management in the Metro Vancouver Park Partnership Program. His other professional interests are in geographic information systems (GIS), cartography, and political ecology.

In his free time, Mike loves to spend as much time as he can in our regional parks. He is a past-president of the Pacific Spirit Park Society and has been working with local communities to restore urban parkland, organize citizen-lead environmental monitoring, and provide environmental education for youth since 2015.

Smiely Khurana


Smiely Khurana is the Reel Green™ Sustainability Lead at Creative BC, supporting and connecting Reel Green’s expanding community of engagement through the implementation of Reel Green’s strategic plan, deepening industry’s expertise and use of the tools, further transforming production practices through the Clean Energy municipal collaboration, and work to help industry transition to a circular economy. She is committed to working with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation to provide more opportunities for fundraising, community initiatives and bridging the BC film industry with the parks industry.

Roy Millen


People need nature. Nature needs people to value and protect it. Metro Vancouver’s Regional Parks system provides the public with close and accessible access to a variety of quiet, natural spaces. As a Director of the Foundation, Roy wants to support the enhancement and expansion of the Regional Parks system for the benefit of present and future generations of British Columbians, as well as the environment upon which we all depend. 

Non-Voting Representatives

John McEwen


Mike Redpath


Mark Sager