Every year, thousands of students, seniors and people with financial barriers are not able to visit our regional parks. You can change this.

Do you remember how much fun the “field trip” was when you were in school? Do you recall that it was even more fun if the trip was to a natural space like a park? Did you know that this experience is not available to many youth today? Every year thousands of students, seniors and people with financial barriers are not able to visit our regional parks. Why? Because there is no funding to charter a bus.

We are working to change this- but we can’t do it alone. With your help we can connect even more groups to the beauty of nature found in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Donate today – any amount goes directly towards the funding of a trip. A $500 donation makes the dream of a chartered bus a reality. Your donation can and will make a difference.


  • What is the date of your outing?
  • What regional park are you planning to visit?
  • Are you using an insured and licensed vehicle with a professional driver?
  • How many people are you taking?
  • What is the nature of your group? (i.e. Non-profit, society, unorganized, etc.)
  • What is the purpose of the outing?

We want you to have the best experience with your group. Before chartering your bus, you will need to complete Metro Vancouver Regional Park’s Group Visit Notification Form so that they can check that there isn’t any construction, trail closures, filming or other groups at the same time and place that you’re planning to go.

This is not required if you have booked a field trip with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.


The cost to hire a bus for the purpose of visiting a Metro Vancouver Regional Park. Once you’ve confirmed the date of your visit, please submit a park visit form here.

Up to $500 per grant. Some grants may be available up to $1000 and will include a $250 honorarium for a guide or host. Ask us for more details.

Schools, community centres, youth organizations, seniors groups, and organizations that support people with disabilities or challenges. Bus Grants also require a minimum of 20 attendees.

Mileage and travel expenses.

Fill out the online application. Send us a supporting letter of interest telling us a little about your planned trip

First, we will need you to complete and return your Grant Acceptance Form (this will be e-mailed to successful applicants).

Then, we want to hear about your trip! We require that successful applicants send us a Final Report Form after your trip to keep us both accountable for the Bus Grant funds.

The bus grant approval process typically takes 4-6 weeks.

Bus Grant applications are currently closed and will re-open in October 2024.

Completed your Bus Grant trip?