Parks offer natural spaces for outdoor learning and inspirational experiences. We increase access to regional parks, benefiting the mental and physical health of the people who make up our community. From forests and wetlands to beaches and bogs, visitors are able to enjoy a diversity of landscapes and natural environments.

Parks build stronger, healthier communities. Working in partnership with other supporters, we ensure Metro Vancouver Regional Parks are the best that they can possibly be and protect our natural green spaces.

Our vision is for a healthy, dynamic regional park system, loved and supported by the community, and protected and enhanced for future generations.

Our Values

  • Leadership: Understanding that a strong future for our parks takes leadership, we strive with vision and determination to ensure that our parks are the best they can possibly be and to foster programs that help create future environmental leaders.
  • Partnership: We work in partnership with Metro Vancouver and act as a champion for regional parks and their community support.
  • Integrity & Accountability: We are an open, responsive, independent organization with the highest level of integrity and accountability.
  • Inspiration: We are inspired by the knowledge that our parks and natural spaces play a vital role in the quality of community life. We seek to inspire others to join us.
  • Protection: We believe our regional parks, greenways, and conservation areas are precious ecological treasures that must be stewarded for the future.
  • Philanthropy: We believe that donors and volunteers have a critical role to play in preserving our regional parks and ensuring that they are truly accessible.
  • Legacy: Our regional parks present a singular opportunity for today’s donors to protect the natural environment for future generations. Our legacy will be an organization that provides leadership and builds community support for regional parks.