With its sought-after trails, rocky knolls, towering trees, thriving marshland, and an abundance of birds and wildlife, Minnekhada Regional Park has been a beloved green space in the Coquitlam community for decades. In early October 2022, a wildfire ignited 14 hectares of iconic forest around the park. 

Minnekhada Regional Park and surrounding areas were impacted by the raging wildfire, scorching the beloved community park and the wildlife that calls it home. MVRP Foundation has started an emergency fund to invest in restoring this landscape by replanting trees, rebuilding trails, and adding more native vegetation to help this ecosystem recover.

The work to restore our beautiful parkland will begin soon. We are calling on the surrounding community (and beyond) to help bring new life to Minnekhada Regional Park through this fund.  

The park’s new recovery fund is launched in partnership with Minnekhada Park Association.

In the coming months, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks will assess the impacts of the wildfire at Minnekhada Regional Park and determine any actions needed to assist in restoring the site. Efforts will focus on conserving natural and cultural resources and visitor facilities that have been affected. With the help of park staff, donors, partners and volunteers, MVRP Foundation plans to work tirelessly over the coming years to revive Minnekhada Regional Park.

Remediation efforts may include:

·       Helping the ecosystem recover through restoration of vegetation 

·       Monitoring and supporting wildlife that calls the park home

·       Restoring trail access and park facilities for park visitors

·       Engaging local First Nations to ensure cultural heritage of the area is protected

To respond quickly and with as much impact as possible, we are matching all gifts, up to a total of $10,000, that are donated to this fund.

Together, our community can bring new life to Minnekhada Regional Park.

Read the Press Release here.