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With its sought-after trails, rocky knolls, towering trees, thriving marshland, and an abundance of birds and wildlife, Minnekhada Regional Park has been a beloved green space in the Coquitlam community for decades. In early October 2022, a wildfire ignited 14 hectares of iconic forest around the park. 

Minnekhada Regional Park and surrounding areas were impacted by the raging wildfire, scorching the beloved community park and the wildlife that calls it home. MVRP Foundation has started an emergency fund to invest in restoring this landscape by replanting trees, rebuilding trails, and adding more native vegetation to help this ecosystem recover.

The work to restore our beautiful parkland will begin soon. We are calling on the surrounding community (and beyond) to help bring new life to Minnekhada Regional Park through this fund.  

The park’s new recovery fund is launched in partnership with Minnekhada Park Association.

In the coming months, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks will assess the impacts of the wildfire at Minnekhada Regional Park and determine any actions needed to assist in restoring the site. Efforts will focus on conserving natural and cultural resources and visitor facilities that have been affected. With the help of park staff, donors, partners and volunteers, MVRP Foundation plans to work tirelessly over the coming years to revive Minnekhada Regional Park.

Remediation efforts may include:

·       Helping the ecosystem recover through restoration of vegetation 

·       Monitoring and supporting wildlife that calls the park home

·       Restoring trail access and park facilities for park visitors

·       Engaging local First Nations to ensure cultural heritage of the area is protected

Together, our community can bring new life to Minnekhada Regional Park.

A Year of Recovery: October 2023 Update

One year has passed since the devastating fire that swept through Minnekhada Regional Park on October 1, 2022. The road to recovery has been challenging, but with your support, we’ve made incredible progress. Here’s an update on the restoration efforts and how your donations were used:

Planting for Renewal

With funding from MVRP Foundation, Minnekhada Park Association procured 359 native plants for five planting sites. Each plant was meticulously chosen to match the local ecosystem, including Big Leaf Maple, Dull Oregon Grape, Sword Fern, Salal, Deer Fern, and Red Huckleberry. The goal was not to intervene in nature’s course, but to support the areas near trails, where clearings were needed for fire crews. Your donations made this possible.

Patiently Awaiting Nature’s Cue

The recovery work was delayed due to essential permits and permissions, especially for any digging activities. By the time staff and volunteers received the green light, it was the heat of summer. The wise decision was made to wait until early Fall when rain could assist in the process.

Volunteers at the Heart

In October 2023, volunteers led by Minnekahda Park Association’s dedicated Coordinator, Esmeralda, embarked on a challenging journey. They worked tirelessly to plant in steep terrain and ensure a better future for Minnekhada Regional Park. Their efforts, along with Metro Vancouver’s support, have been invaluable.

But that’s not all…

Beyond Recovery

In addition to direct recovery efforts, matched donation funding has enabled a fire recovery photo monitoring pilot project, enhanced pop-up nature tables, and a new initiative called “Trail Hoppers.”

Trail Hoppers

This project focuses on native Western Toad populations at Minnekhada Regional Park. Every year, Western Toads make a treacherous journey from the hills to the marsh, laying thousands of eggs. Your support helps ensure their safety in the face of natural predators and human impacts. As of October 2023, Trail Hoppers has hosted eight events, with 72 volunteer hours, and an average group size of three to four. This will build a safer environment for the toads that inhabit Minnekhada Regional Park.

Celebrating the Heroes Who Restored Minnekhada Regional Park

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the incredible individuals and organizations who played a pivotal role in helping Minnekhada Regional Park recover from the devastating fire. Our donors, volunteers, partners and community have brought hope, renewal, and resilience to Minnekhada Regional Park. We are forever grateful for your commitment to the regional park’s recovery. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being part of this incredible journey of restoration.

Special thanks to Steve Smith at Minnekhada Park Association for providing us with photos and updates throughout this remarkable journey of recovery.